Magic of the ring


Magic of the Ring, also known as the Jacks Rope is the newest name doing the rounds in the casino slot machine industry. The production revolves around a simple story where you really need to put your efforts to stop an evil king from destroying the world and you as an ordinary person have to put your efforts to stop the bad guy from making it into the casino. As an ordinary person, you get yourself into the casino as a simple young man in quest of your life long dream of getting the legendary magic ring. But things don't go as planned and the prince falls in love with your beautiful princess, leading to the entire situation revolving around your life and the ring itself.

Like its very popular counterparts like Video Slot Machines or Amusement Park games, the jackpot prize in Magic of the Ring video slot game also increases with the amount of spins made while playing the machine. It is also notable that the symbols being used in this particular version of the game are not only physical symbols but also are representations of ideals or beliefs of different religions, philosophies or legends. Among those symbols that can be found are the Christian cross, the lion, the Celtic cross and the Greek Eye of Horus. Now, these symbols might not be that appealing to everyone. That is why the makers of this slot machine version have included sound effects so that the symbols would not be taken for granted by players.

When playing the Magic of the Ring slot machine, you will notice that there are also several icons present on the screen. These icons represent the different sides of good and evil. This adds more spice to the game and makes it more exciting and engaging for players. Aside from the symbols used on the icon cards, the casino also includes icons that represent luck, health, money and special icons that are placed on certain machines. All of these different icons make the whole point of playing the Magic of the Ring slot machine an experience that one must never forget.