Space wars


Space Wars is an exciting, fast-paced, 5-player, 4-line, 40-frame slot game with a bright future. The new slot game comes in the form of a desktop video game that enables multiple players to connect via personal computers to take on the role of space invaders. The slot has Wild substitutions, and free re-spin for the last reel.

A slot player gets to build his space ship from scratch by adding different alien creatures to the design program. These alien creatures have different special moves that can help the player achieve winning combinations. Special chips can also be used by the player to maneuver their ships around the slots and use their special moves. There is a slight penalty for losing all your alien creatures in a round, but a player can recover lost alien artifacts and get a bonus slot to replace them.

This fast-paced and exciting game can be played over the Internet using a web browser and your email. One player can play with two different tabs at once, and another player can play the game for free by entering a referral code. In addition to winning cash, you can earn bonus points, free re-spinning, and even trips to the Bahamas, where you can lay down ten thousand dollars in no time at all! Winning Space Wars slot tournaments gives you free spins and can help you collect credits that you can later redeem for prizes and free spins.